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We make investing in crypto simple, easy and powerful.
We offer subscribers a well-diversified portfolio
designed to maximize profits and minimize risk.

Here are the four main features of our advisory:

We are living in transformational times.  Just as the invention of the internet and the smartphone
ushered in a whole new era for humanity, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
are rapidly becoming equally disruptive.

As this ecosystem evolves, we predict that some of the companies building the platforms and infrastructure for this new digital landscape will go on to become some of the largest and
most prosperous in the world.

We are here to support you to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and create generational wealth, ultimately becoming your trusted resource.

Education is Key

To learn more about this exciting asset class, check out our educational resource page.

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Check out these news headlines to learn about the explosive growth in this market.

While adoption of this new asset class is accelerating at ever increasing speeds we are still early enough to make out-sized profits.

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Investing Resources

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Testimonials from Subscribers

In 2019, our original founder Lawrence Martin began advising his first clients in how to succeed in the crypto space.  Now he is bringing the same sensibilities and expertise to Greater Wealth Alliance.  Here are comments that a few of his clients made about his guidance:

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“Lawrence meticulously walked me through the educational and sometimes tricky technical details of setting up and managing cryptocurrency accounts..... he is an unbelievable treasure in his ability both to educate and to empower." ​

Nancy Dreyfus

"Lawrence's portfolio is great. He's been a huge help in getting invested in the crypto world. We first started working with him about eight months ago and our portfolio has literally already doubled in value, and it seems like it's just getting started."

Christopher Mitchell

Ted Strauss225

"Lawrence made it so easy to invest and he’s amazing at helping me stay grounded as the market fluctuates."

Ted Strauss

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